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Mission & Vision

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The mission of the Howard County Economic Development Authority is to promote economic growth and stability in Howard County by supporting existing businesses, attracting targeted new businesses and attracting corporate and/or regional headquarters; to serve as the liaison between public and private economic development and planning organizations; and to recommend policies to County government that support the achievement of planned economic goals. 




Howard County, Maryland, will be widely recognized as the best place in the United States to live, work and operate a business.

Our Structure

The organization has been structured into three functional areas as depicted below:


BD: Business development, including agriculture

Marketing: Marketing and support for the county, EDA, as well as the events in support of the organization's goals. 

MCE: Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship

Additionally, operations underlies all components synergistically.  

These areas are complementary and work collaboratively to achieve the desired outcomes of starting, growing and relocating businesses. Success across these areas enhances the local business climate and encourage economic development within Howard County. 

The focus of the HCEDA, as depicted below, falls into three objectives designed to firmly secure Howard County's future as a Maryland economic development driver.

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HCEDA Events

The HCEDA hosts and co-hosts many events in Howard County, including events at the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship and the Howard Tech Council.

Mission & Vision

The mission of the Howard County Economic Development Authority is to promote economic growth and stability in Howard County.