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Programs and Services

EnCorps member Gloria Jacobovitz provides one-on-one consulting with a client

All programs offered for iCat clients are focused on helping them achieve their goals. They range from educational programs and hands-on mentoring to social gatherings and include frequent collaborative events with the Howard Tech Council. Below are descriptions of just some of the programs designed to help businesses start and grow. Scroll down to get a current list of programs and events being offered.

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MCE Speaker Series: 

A series of educational presentations and workshops that centers on supporting entrepreneurship and a strong community with knowledge sharing, personal development, and cross-pollination between MCE clients and the business community. Please check our calendar for upcoming events.

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Pipeline Programs: 

As part of connecting the community of entrepreneurs and increasing awareness about the MCE, we will partner and/or develop programs to fill gaps where programs don't exist. The MCE is currently engaged with several programs designed to create a pipeline of growth-oriented technology entrepreneurs, some of which include:

  • Innovation Café - a central gathering place open for the community in general where innovators have a fertile environment to think, work, connect, collaborate and meet peers.  The café  provides amenities such as coffee and free Wi-Fi.
  • ACTiVATE: Proven program for helping mid-career women start technology-enabled companies.
  • Race for Innovation: Intense, hands-on program that takes participants (inventors, entrepreneurs, and investors) through a fast-paced competition to turn ideas into business concepts.

Client-Only Programs and Services

Certain events and services are open only the MCE clients. They provide a safe and supportive forum for learning and sharing with diverse but synergistic people including MCE staff:

EnCorps and Service Providers-in-Residence: MCE constantly reaches out to invite members of the community to provide pro-bono services such as legal, marketing, human resources and accounting advice on a rotating and on-call basis to residents and affiliates. Successful and serial entrepreneurs are also being recruited to join the Entrepreneurial Corps, or EnCorps, to provide advice and counsel to our entrepreneurs on a rotating or as-needed basis.

Residents' day:  Once a month our clients get together over breakfast to an open discussion where they share what they are doing and what their needs are and get the support from peers.  Multiple collaborations and even a new company has resulted from these collaborative sessions.

Breakfast with the Director: Once a month the clients meet with the MCE management team in an open forum where they are updated about what is going on with the MCE and are able to express freely their issues and needs.  

SWAT Team: Investors bet on people they know. To create awareness among the investor community about iCat clients and to help our clients better prepare their pitch and business approach, we conduct SWAT teams twice per year where investors provide feedback on select client presentations.


As part of the MCE's general approach to leveraging existing programs, several strategic partnerships have been put in place specifically to benefit the iCat clients.

Check out our partners, our current programs, and let us know how we can help you! 

Howard Tech Council

The Howard Tech Council is at the epicenter of the local tech community. Our active and engaged membership base spans a variety of industries, providing members with access to a diverse collection of organizations.

Innovation Catalyst (iCat)

The MCE incubator program, called the Innovation Catalyst (iCat) helps companies accelerate the commercialization of innovative technologies.